Battlefield Coin Shows
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Our philosophy is to make our coin shows an event the entire family can enjoy!

"Coin Shows made into a family adventure!™"
The National Battlefield Coin Show™
will be September 13-15, 2018 in Gettysburg, PA
FREE Admission & FREE Parking!
will be on site accepting submissions.  
Bring your coins to submit to have
graded and certified.
The National Battlefield Coin Show™ in Gettysburg, PA
No Admission Fees and Free Parking!
The National Battlefield Coin Show™ is the highlight of the year!  This show is held in
September of each year and brings dealers from across the United States!  Held in the
Eisenhower Hotel Ballroom there is 10,000 square foot providing plenty of room for growth.  

The inaugural show in 2014, saw over one thousand collectors sign-in the first day!  One dealer
said:  "Whenever the doors opened, it was like the doors to the mall opening on black Friday; it
never stopped!" Another said his retail sales were better than in Baltimore, but his dealer to
dealer was lower. He attributed this to the high collector turnout.  One collector said:  "I thought
I was a serious coin collector, but after seeing the really rare coins on display, I feel like a

Gettysburg has something for everybody in the family.  You can stand where President
Abraham  Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, visit the wax museum, eat delicious meals
prepared the way they were in the Civil War or visit the Factory Outlet Mall.  Whatever
your taste, there is something for you in Gettysburg!

The Eisenhower Hotel has graciously agreed to a very affordable room rate for show attendees
and collectors.  While staying at the Eisenhower, you can ride the trolley from the hotel to the
downtown area.  

Whether buying, selling or trading, you will enjoy yourself!
Directors for Battlefield Coin Shows™
Directors for Battlefield Coin Shows™ are
Alan Stullenbarger, Bill Waltman and
Michael Dixon.  Alan, Bill and Mike work
with dealers and show promoters
nationwide on a daily basis in order to gather
information and ideas, which will improve
Battlefield Coin Shows.  

Alan, Bill and Mike can be found at coin
shows nationwide promoting Battlefield
Coin Shows™.  
Mike Dixon (left) Bill Waltman (center) and Alan Stullenberger (right)
If you have an idea or suggestion, please send it to one of the directors or talk with one of the
directors at an upcoming show.  Your ideas and suggestions will keep Battlefield Coin Show™
To contact us:   
Battlefield Coin Shows™
5601 Bobolink Place
New Market, MD  21774
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Dealer setup and early bird passes will be Thursday September 13 from noon -
5pm.  The show will open to the public on Friday, September 14th from
9am-6pm and on Saturday, September 15th from 9am until 3:30pm.
The 2018 Battlefield Coin Show™
medal is available for $5.00 plus
$1.50 shipping.  Order today.  

As with all our medals, it is limited
to 250 pieces.